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Tech Savvy Tips to Take Your Wedding Digital

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These days most engaged couples create wedding websites to inform guests of important details, but many tech savvy couples are finding ways to further incorporate technology into their big day. Incorporating digital techniques can help to lighten some of the stress and costs associated with wedding planning.


From innovative ways to share wedding pictures to live streaming weddings online, check out these tech savvy wedding ideas:

  • Digital Stationery: If your wedding guests are relatively tech savvy, send digital save-the-dates and invitations. Include a link to your wedding website on your digital invitation, so guests can easily cruise on over to RSVP for your big day. Instead of spending a ton of time and money buying, addressing, stamping, and collecting paper invitations and RSVPs, all you’ll have to do is sit back and watch your guest list grow. As an added bonus, you’re also doing the environment a favor.
  • Photo Sharing Account: Placing disposable cameras on each guest table is a thing of the past as most of your guests will be snapping photos with their digital cameras or smartphones. Instead create an account on a photo-sharing site, like Flickr or Shutterfly for your guests to upload their wedding pictures to share with you. Make cards with the account username and password and put a few on each table, so guests can take them home, log in to the account, and post their wedding pictures from your big day!
  • Digital Favors: Often times your well-meaning wedding favors will be not-so-enticing to guests and accidentally be forgotten at the table or thrown away. Avoid this problem by going tech savvy with your wedding favors and giving guests a digital gift. The Knot suggests giving a small envelope, or even using their seating card, containing an access code or a gift card with the information they need to retrieve their favor. The site suggests giving downloads such as an iTunes song, an e-book, or a ring tone. They’ll be thrilled to receive something they actually want!
  • Stream Your Wedding: If you choose to have a destination wedding, or even if some important people in your life can’t make the trip to attend your nuptials, Mashable suggests streaming the festivities so they can still be a part of your big day. Your digital guests can watch you walk down the aisle, say your “I do,” have your first dance, cut the cake, etc. Mashable suggests using wedding streaming sites like Marry Me Live and I Do Stream to capture the moment.
  • Secret Bridal Party Discussion Boards: Anyone who has ever gotten married will tell you how difficult it is to coordinate the sharing of information between all of your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and anyone else involved in your wedding. Most couples have wedding websites, so Wedding Window suggests taking this a step further and creating a password protected area for your wedding party. Use this secret area to share VIP information and as a space for everyone to discuss important matters regarding your big day, without revealing all the details to your guests.

Author: Laura Jerpi

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