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Summer Fitness — How to Get a Beach Body by Swimsuit Season

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Getting a toned and chiseled beach body requires hard work and dedication. If you want an impressive physique for swimsuit season, it’s time to develop a workout plan and start following a healthy diet.

Follow a Healthy Diet

In order to get a beach body, you have to follow a healthy diet. Get on the right track by adapting these eating habits, as seen in Men’s Fitness Magazine:

  • Breakfast. Don’t just eat breakfast, make sure your morning meal is filling and nutritious. This will help to increase your metabolism and control your hunger all through the day.
  • Eat Slowly. Taking smaller, slower bites will not only allow you to enjoy your food more, it will also help you to eat less.
  • Drink Lots of Water. Consuming at least two liters of water per day can help to reduce sugar cravings, tiredness, and will fill you up, so you’re not hungry as much throughout the day.
  • Chew Gum. Popping a piece of gum in your mouth can keep you from snacking, decrease your appetite, and help you to burn 11 extra calories per hour.
  • Avoid Salt. Processed foods are filled with salt, causing your body to hold onto extra water to break it down. Since excess salt intake causes your body to retain water, it can increase your weight by more than three pounds.

Developing an Effective Workout Plan

Following a healthy diet will only get you halfway to a fit and toned beach body — the rest comes from sticking to a workout plan designed to sculpt your muscles and melt away those excess pounds. Get lean and toned before slipping that swimsuit on with these moves from Elle Canada and Fitness Magazine:

  • Single Leg Squats. This exercise will get your glutes toned up.
  • Jumping Lunges. Get your entire leg in shape with this move.
  • Ab Circles on a Stability Ball. If you’re planning to bare your abs, you’ll need to get them in shape with this exercise.
  • Strength-Building Circuit Training. Sculpt your muscles by giving them an all-around workout.
  • Ab Curl with Stability Ball Between the Legs. Tone your abs, inner thighs and hips up all at once with this move.
  • Seated Row. Get chiseled back muscles by making this exercise part of your routine.
  • Cardio. You don’t want to have a layer of fat hiding your chiseled beach body, so burn those extra pounds off by adding cardio into your workouts.

Maintaining Your Beach Body

Once you’re at the beach, you’ll want to continue following a healthy diet to maintain your beach body. Take advice from Men’s Health editor-in-chief and author of, “Eat This, Not That,” Dave Zinczenko on what not to eat. Zinczenko’s list of the 5 Worst Beach-Body Foods, and what to replace them with, which appeared on, Yahoo Health:

  • Don’t Drink: Diet Soda, Do Drink: Hint Cucumber Water
  • Don’t Eat: Broccoli with ranch dressing, Do Eat: Food Should Taste Good Jalapeño chips with salsa
  • Don’t Eat: Russell Stover’s Sugar Free Toffee Squares, Do Eat: Banana, Mango, and Papaya Fruit Salad
  • Don’t Eat: Stouffer’s Skillets Easy Express Broccoli & Beef, Do Eat: Birds Eye Viola! Shrimp Scampi
  • Don’t Drink: Smoothie King The Hulk Strawberry, Do Drink: Smoothie King Strawberry Shredder 

Author: Laura Jerpi

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