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Spring Cleaning Advertising Campaigns Popular

Spring Cleaning Advertising Campaigns Popular

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  • In addition to product brands, home improvement and cleaning service businesses can take advantage of spring advertising.
  • Spring is a time of year when consumers have more disposable income because of lower utility bills and income tax refund checks.
  • The trend of using digital media for advertising will continue to increase.

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Spring is in the air and for many people that means it’s time for spring cleaning. Cleaning companies are able to capitalize on the annual ritual by pushing their products through advertising campaigns. This is only natural, says advertisers and those in the cleaning industry.

“Advertising that appeals to the wants and needs of the consumer is generally very effective in generating sales and profits,” says James W, Kroeger, an assistant professor in South University’s College of Business.

That appeal encourages companies like Simple Green to employ marketing and advertising strategies around spring cleaning. Denise Dochnahl, marketing specialist for Simple Green, says the company generally does a combination of print, cable television, and radio advertising in conjunction with spring cleaning each year.

“Simple Green does do a ‘push’ in consumer advertising during the spring because spring cleaning is somewhat of a nationally recognized ritual, especially when winters are harsh and leave behind a myriad of messes,” she says.

Marketing Spring Cleaning

Stephanie Bane, director of account planning at Smith Brothers Agency, a marketing firm in Pittsburgh, agrees that spring cleaning is a good advertising event.

“The ritual of spring cleaning is satisfying and fun,” she says. “It’s the one time of year that projects like cleaning, organizing, and doing repairs around the house don’t feel like chores – they feel like a fresh start. Spring cleaning is an inherently positive experience and provides good associations for many products, brands, and retailers.”

Bane says that in addition to cleaning-related products or brands, advertising for spring cleaning can also be effective for service-oriented businesses like dry cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window washing.

Kroeger includes even more types of businesses in his list of who should use spring cleaning as an advertising hook.

“A large variety of businesses can and should take advantage of this time of renewal in attracting consumers eager for a change,” he says. “All companies focused on interior decorating services and supplies have an advantage this time of year, including firms offering paints and supplies, wall coverings, window treatments, flooring, cabinetry, and furniture. Carpet cleaning and window cleaning will be a priority. After a long, hard winter, attention will be focused on roofing, siding, and gutters, and general home improvements. Garden centers, landscaping services, and do-it-yourself stores see a dramatic upsurge in business with spring events.”

Spring cleaning is a good advertising event for Simple Green, Dochnahl says, adding that print advertisements with coupons tend to generate a lot of purchases in the spring. Television and radio ads also drive traffic to the product website during that time of year, she says.

“People are getting out and starting to think in terms of cleaning up the home and the outdoor living areas for spring and summer, which means they’re buying cleaning products for those jobs, especially if they live somewhere that winter has ‘left its mark,’” Dochnahl says.

Spring Cleaning and Money

Spring is also a time of year when consumers have more disposable income because of lower utility bills and income tax refund checks, Kroeger points out. That translates to more consumer dollars available to spend on spring cleaning products and services.

“Spring is a natural time of rebirth and renewal for all of nature, and consumers are no exception,” he adds. “Knowledgeable advertisers can take advantage of this fact by targeting consumers who have endured months of drab, dreary, and cold weather, and are in a mindset to be more active in sprucing up their homes, cars, and yards.”

And as Bane points out, sometimes that sprucing up can turn into a larger project, meaning even more consumer money being put into the economy.

“Every small project around the house turns to be bigger – and more expensive – than you think it is going to be,” she explains. “Even something as simple as organizing a closet can lead to a lot of money spent on things like dry cleaning and storage products.”

Spring Cleaning Goes Digital

Because of the success that Simple Green and other cleaning-related companies and products see through spring cleaning advertising campaigns, the trend is generally expected to continue. However, like so many other things, this trend, too, will probably go digital.

“The primary change will be a continuing increase in the trend of utilizing digital media for advertising,” Kroeger predicts. “As we continue to see a dramatic increase in technology with the advent of iPods, iPads, Blackberries, ‘smart’ phones, etc., daily newspapers as we now know them will evolve to a digital subscription-based format.”

Dochnahl says Simple Green already utilizes e-mail blasts and newsletters as part of its advertising campaigns. For Simple Green, if the advertising is working, there is no reason to change it.

“For us, the trend will remain constant, with our marketing and advertising continuing to be predominantly targeted toward the spring cleaning movement,” she says.

Author: Megan Donley

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