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Social Media Networking and Reconnecting

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Social media networking has grown by leaps and bounds during the past few years and has spread into a worldwide phenomenon. With social connectivity at an all-time high, many users are tracking down and reconnecting with people from their pasts by trolling through Twitter followings, hunting on sites like or LinkedIn, or by doing a Facebook classmates search.

Facebook Classmates Search

Facebook tips the social media scale with over 500 million worldwide users, and more than 30 million pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) are posted each month. According to an Experian Hitwise review, Facebook owned four of the top 10 most searched terms on the internet including Facebook,, Facebook Login, and

With this following, and nearly 63% of all social media traffic, Facebook is the best way to find a long-lost pal or an unrequited love. Facebook, which started as a networking sight for college students, still has academic and organizational groupings that direct searchers making it even easier to find people.


Although Facebook is the big man on campus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all offer ways reconnect with old friends.

Twitter has roughly 145 million users making it an ideal place to reconnect. ViralBlog ranks the top ten tweeting countries in order of use as the United States, India, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, and Spain demonstrating Twitter’s global reach.

LinkedIn boasts 90 million users, and because it is a career networking site, provides searchers with up-to-date information and in many instances more ways (phone, email, or through the site) to connect. Because of this, LinkedIn recorded nearly two billion people searches on 2010.

What Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have in breadth of reach, makes up for in focus. While other social media sites are designed to form an interactive online community,’s first goal is to help people find friends from their past.

This reunion site gives around 50 million people a way to rediscover friends from high school, middle school, elementary school, and even American and Canadian schools overseas.

Facebook Stalking

Although social media has been the catalyst for countless heartfelt reunions, not everyone wants to be found, and sometimes this level of connectivity leads to unwanted stalking.

Whether it’s jealous exes or unwelcomed coworkers, social media stalking has become a real problem that has even led to arrests in some extreme cases. Although this can be an issue, there are ways to block unwanted advances, and these sites do make efforts to curtail bad behavior.

No matter who you are looking for, today social media is the best way to reconnect.

Happy hunting.

Author: Brendan Purves

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