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Shoppers Prepare For Big Savings on Black Friday 2011

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The day after Thanksgiving, famously known as Black Friday, is notoriously the biggest shopping day of the year. Black Friday 2011 is not expected to be any different, with shoppers preparing their wish lists weeks in advance.

For many consumers, Black Friday is more than just a day to get great deals; they also enjoy the excitement around it. Each year, people brave the elements to camp outside stores in the early morning hours on the day after Thanksgiving, or for some, even before Thanksgiving.

Brad Wilson, editor-in-chief of, says the day after Thanksgiving is significant for both consumers and retailers.

“Part is the bonafide annual tradition for consumers, but part of it is the self-fulfilling cycle of better prices drawing more shoppers, which makes the day increasingly more important for retailers and makes the retailers, in turn, more competitive on pricing, drawing even more shoppers,” Wilson says. “That cycle has been a big driver in the past few years.”

Finding the Best Day-After-Thanksgiving Deals

Wilson suggests that shoppers plan ahead in order to find the best Black Friday deals.

“BradsDeals will leak retailers' Black Friday ads between three and six weeks early on,” Wilson says. 

Wilson says the best deals will be on limited quantity items at stores. He advices shoppers not to go for these deals, unless they are willing to line up outside the store hours before it opens, with the chance that they still might not even get the chance to purchase the item at the low price.

“There are too many other good deals,” Wilson says.

Wilson says to be on the lookout for sales to start early, on the day before Thanksgiving, and on Thanksgiving day itself. He says many sales will also run all weekend long.

Wilson expects tablets and televisions to be the most popular items of Black Friday 2011. He cites televisions as a Black Friday staple.

Black Friday 2011 Online Shopping

In recent years, Black Friday online deals have become very popular with both retailers and consumers. Many people prefer to shop in their pajamas, in the comfort of their own home, rather than heading to stores and battling crowds, for often times the same deals they can get online.

Wilson advises shoppers to consider doing their Black Friday 2011 shopping online, as most deals will be available through store websites, and the online-only stores will also have their own sales.

Wilson believes there are many benefits to doing your day after Thanksgiving shopping online.

He says that Black Friday online deals can be very good, shoppers can cover more stores, potentially avoid sales tax, and of course, stay warm.

Did Black Friday 2011 Arrive Early?

Although Black Friday isn’t until the day after Thanksgiving, many consumers were surprised to see that some stores, such as Target, started their sales as early as September.

Wilson says consumers should expect to see better deals from these stores on the real Black Friday 2011. He says that almost all of the pre-holiday sales are rebadged versions of a store’s standard weekly sales.

Author: Laura Jerpi

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