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Modern Dating Offers Innovative Ways to Meet New People

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  • Experts say traditional methods to meet new people typically don't work anymore.
  • Matchmaking is one of the newer ways to meet a partner.
  • Online dating has become much more popular with singles.

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Modern dating has changed the way to meet new people. These days, singles looking for love often hire matchmaking services or create a profile on an online dating site in an attempt to find that someone special.

Janice Spindel of Serious Matchmaking, says her business has really skyrocketed in the past 10 years.

Spindel says business has gone up by 62% since shows such as Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker have made her matchmaking services better known.

Rachel Federoff, vice president of Matching at the Millionaire’s Club, and also a star of The Millionaire Matchmaker, believes the show has made people more willing to try non-traditional methods to meet someone.

“More people choose non-traditional as traditional seems to not work as well anymore,” Federoff says.

Finding New Ways to Meet New People

Spindel says traditional methods used to meet new people, such as blind dates, typically don’t work.

“When most people fix people up on blind dates, they’re doing so because they’re friends with someone [and] they’re both good people,” Spindel says. “That’s not listening to what people are looking for.”

When you are happy with yourself, others see it; love happens.

Federoff agrees that it’s difficult to meet new people on blind dates and in bars because you never know what you’re going to get.

“In a bar, nine times out of 10 alcohol is involved in excess, and, well, we know how that ends,” Federoff says. “Blind dates are [a] 50/50 [chance]. Internet [dating] can work but you have to do it right and safely as there are tons of creepers and fake-sters out there.”

Meeting someone special can be hard work, so Federoff advises frustrated singles not to focus so much on dating, but more on themselves and their life goals.

“When you are happy with yourself, others see it; love happens,” Federoff says.

Matchmaking Services Help to Find True Love

Spindel goes to breakfast, lunch, or dinner every day of the week with a different potential client. She takes note of behaviors such as good eye contact, and whether he’s considerate enough to stay off his Blackberry during their meeting.

“If I feel they’re realistic with their expectations, then I take them on them on as client,” Spindle says.

Spindel’s clients are all men, ranging in age from 27 to 78 years old.

online dating site

Spindel describes clients seeking her matchmaking services as very well-educated, upscale, professional, awesome men.

“They’re smart enough to outsource people to do things for them, especially the editing of women,” Spindle says.

In order to find matches for her clients, Spindel accepts applications through her website from women hoping to meet them.

“If I approve them, they meet with me to see if they fit into the profile of what my clients are looking for,” Spindel says.

Spindel looks for a number of characteristics when matching her clients with women.

“I deal with men so clearly men are visual, they do fall in love visually through their eyes first,” Spindel says.

Spindel says the women need to be well-educated, well-spoken, intellectually stimulating, grounded, and must follow a healthy lifestyle.

She says having things in common is also an important part of a successful match.

“The more commonalities, the better off the match,” Spindel says.

Making a Connection Though an Online Dating Site

Shannon Smith, a representative from online dating site, Plenty of Fish (POF), says the site’s matching system is based on a combination of the information members enter into their profile and their user behavior.

“If they have specified that they are looking for blondes, but search for brunettes, they will get matched with brunettes,” Smith says. “If a user will not date a smoker, they will not see smokers in their matches. If they are looking for a long-term relationship, they will be matched with users who are looking for the same thing.”

Smith says the benefits of using an online dating site are more apparent than ever.

“POF has over 38 million users worldwide, so our members have the opportunity to communicate with an extremely diverse group of people who they would most likely never meet otherwise,” Smith says. 

Smith says the success rate of POF can be difficult to measure statistically, but she says the company has received millions of success stories from couples who want to thank them for helping them find their soul mate.

An online dating site provides many benefits to singles, Smith says, including acting as an alternative to the bar scene, meeting new people when it’s convenient, learning a lot about another person quickly by reading their profile, and it’s one place where members know that everyone is single. Online dating sites can also be helpful to people who are shy about approaching others.

POF also has a mobile app where users can update their profiles, search for potential mates, read and reply to messages, and a new “mobile users” feature allows them to see singles near them who are also using the app.

“People are always on the move and our mobile app fully supports our users with on-the-go lifestyles,” Smith says. “Currently, upwards of 60% of our users under the age of 40 in the United States access the site via mobile device, so it's important that wherever they are, they will be able to connect with local singles who are in the area.”

When communicating with others through an online dating site, Smith says POF always recommends that users exercise their best judgment.

“Never give out financial or private information to others, and do not disclose anything that is outside of your comfort zone,” Smith says. “When the meeting is moved offline, we always recommend that our users meet for the first time in a public place, during the day. Inform a family member or friend about where you are going, and keep your phone on. At POF we work very hard to ensure that our users enjoy a safe environment to connect and communicate with new people.” 

Author: Laura Jerpi

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