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Get Moving! Exercise Motivation Tips

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Whether it’s work, family, or school commitments, there are plenty of reasons — or excuses — busy people use for not exercising.

Finding time to start or continue an exercise routine can be challenging. But, exercise actually gives people more energy to be productive in other areas of their lives. Exercise doesn’t have to be hard work — it just takes some motivation and action to meet fitness goals.

To help readers get pumped about exercise, here are some motivation tips:

  • Psych yourself up. Remind yourself how good you will feel — and look — by exercising regularly.
  • Set a goal. Make the goal easily achievable. If you need to, write the goal down and the steps to meet it. This will make it seem more important.
  • Commit to it publicly. Announce the goal to friends and family. You can also commit through an online forum, on a blog, or in an email. Social accountability is a good way to get externally motivated to exercise.
  • Get a workout partner. Ask a buddy to join you in exercising. If you can’t grab a friend of family member, check at your local gym for fitness groups or exercise clubs.
  • Leave yourself notes. Put notes in the pantry that serve as reminders of the results of eating too many snacks and that give healthy alternatives to snacks. Post notes in places where you will see them as you go about your day. Remind yourself constantly what it is you’re after.
  • Make it fun. There are many ways to get moving and exercise. Keep trying new exercises until you find something you enjoy doing. If your exercise routine is fun, you will look forward to it.
  • Reward yourself. Offer yourself rewards for reaching small achievements. If your short-term goal is within reach, remind yourself that a reward is waiting for you.

Author: Darice Britt

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