Megan Donley

Learn a little more about Megan Donley, a writer for South Source, by reading this short interview.

Why do you like writing for South Source?
It’s a great opportunity to speak with South University’s faculty and staff members. They care about education and writing for South Source gives them the opportunity to reach students in a new and different way. I appreciate having a chance to help them do that.

What is your favorite article?
My favorite article is Military Veterans Find the Pen is Mighty. Writing is a passion of mine and it was great to hear about it helping our military men and women.

What are your favorite topics?
I like writing and reading the stories that relate to psychology. I’ve always been interested in mental health-related issues.

Who is the most interesting person you interviewed?
I really enjoyed speaking with Sandra de Castro Buffington of the Hollywood, Health & Society organization for the story Mental Health Issues Can be Misrepresented on Film, TV. She was very passionate about her work and it was fascinating to hear about how the group provides assistance to the entertainment industry for crafting accurate portrayals of health conditions. I never knew such a group existed but I’m glad it does.

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