Laura Jerpi

Learn a little more about Laura Jerpi, a writer for South Source, by reading this short interview.

Why do you like writing for South Source?

I like writing for South Source because it allows me to do research and interview experts on topics that I’ve always been curious about but never had the chance to really explore. 

What is your favorite article?

My favorite story is Combating Gang Violence Requires Extensive Approach. I really enjoyed writing this article and learning from an insider about some of the reasons that people join gangs. It was also really interesting to talk to a previously incarcerated former gang member who has turned his life around.

What are your favorite topics?

My favorite topic to write for is Criminal Justice. Perhaps I have a secret desire to be a police officer, but I think it’s really exciting to get a more in-depth look at the reasons certain crimes are committed and to examine patterns between those of a similar nature.

Who is the most interesting person you interviewed?

Becky Maier, public relations director at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Western Pennsylvania, for It's the Most Dangerous Time of the Year. She provided a lot of really helpful shopping safety tips that not only can be used during the holidays, but all the time.

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