Darice Britt

Learn a little more about Darice Britt, a writer for South Source, by reading this short interview.

Why do you like writing for South Source?

South Source provides me with an outlet to write thought-provoking articles that tell the stories behind the latest trends. I have the opportunity to interview people who are experts in their fields and share their knowledge with others.

What is your favorite article?

My favorite article is Defending Child Welfare. It is great to read about those who are protecting the rights of children and how a South University faculty member/alum is doing such respectable work while also helping students get their starts in child advocacy.

What are your favorite topics?

I like writing and reading about technology trends because it is interesting to learn how technological advancements are changing the business, health, and legal industries. 

Who is the most interesting person you interviewed?

I really enjoyed interviewing Linda Hunter, who was featured in the article Profile: Nontraditional Student Proves It’s Never Too Late. Linda’s determination to enter and excel in college as an adult learner should be an inspiration to us all.

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