Brendan Purves

Learn a little more about Brendan Purves, a writer for South Source, by reading this short interview.

Why do you like writing for South Source?

South Source combines the best of what newspapers and magazines offer. As a former newspaper reporter and editor, it’s fun to get back to my roots, but having the freedom that working for an online magazine offers makes every day exciting.

What is your favorite article?

My favorite article would probably be Businesses Get Social. This might not seem exciting, but in doing research for this story I was able to find new ways that we at South Source can improve our social presence.

What are your favorite topics?

I like stories that challenge me to work outside of my comfort zone. If I have to become an expert in a topic that I’ve never even read about in order to write a story, it’s been a good day.

Who is the most interesting person you interviewed?

The doctors I interviewed for Collegiate Mental Health 101 stand out in my mind. The combination of knowledge, compassion, and insight into the mental health of college students made for great interviews and helped me write a good story.

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