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New and Noteworthy

A Peek Into the Future of TV Technology

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The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas this month and featured some of the latest television technology, giving visitors a chance to check out what is in store.

Here are some of the cool TV tech trends to watch out for in 2013:

  • Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) displays were a big attraction last year at CES. This year, LG Electronics kicked things off with a razor-thin, 55-inch OLED TV set that starts at $12,000.
  • Ultra high-definition TVs (UHDTVs) have four times the resolution of HDTVs, making them clearer and sharper. In addition to TVs, the screen resolution on mobile phones is also expected to improve.
  • LG also unveiled a new Magic Remote that is sensitive to motion and is used to navigate on-screen menus. LG said the new model responds better to natural speech and lets you change the channels by writing numbers in the air. Technology companies are also looking for more intuitive ways for users to interact with their gadgets.
  • Smart TVs combine traditional TV with web features, offering more à la carte programming. Samsung has already jumped in and companies such as Google and Microsoft offer Google TV and the Xbox LIVE service.
  • There was more on-demand video integration offered at this year’s show.
  • TV tablets with a top-mounted telescoping antenna to get standard over-the-air digital TV broadcasts. The device is Wi-Fi capable with a host of USB and SD ports, as well as HDMI connectivity.
  • LG also announced another offering — the 100-inch Hecto Laser TV. More of a projector than an actual TV, the Hecto Laser TV stands apart from all those other projection units. LG’s new laser projection TV is capable of projecting an image as large as 100 inches from only 22 inches away.

Author: Darice Britt

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