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New and Noteworthy

2013 Wedding Trends

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Every year, weddings are influenced by trends in the design, fashion, and culinary industries. Couples look to these trends to get ideas on how to plan their weddings.

This year will continue to showcase some of the creative and unique ways people are getting married. Here are some of the popular wedding trends expected for 2013:


Emerald green is Pantone’s Color of 2013, so expect to see this color showing up at some nuptials. Apparel, decorations, and jewelry will likely feature it.


The handmade, rustic look will continue into 2013. Mixed media, such as putting paint into graphic design, should be a big trend, and letterpress stationery and laser-cut detailing is expected to make a comeback.


Technology will play a huge role in weddings this year, perhaps starting new traditions. Live-stream weddings are expected to gain popularity — virtual guests can view a live broadcast of the wedding from their computers.


Birds will continue to fly high in 2013. Often associated with romance and love, birds have been added to decorations, invitations, cake toppers, and centerpieces.


The roaring ’20s. Art Deco. “Downton Abbey.” Couples are in love with the gilded trim, lace, and shimmering candlelight reminiscent of weddings long ago.

Ultra Modern

Some couples love vintage, while others love the sleek and chic ultra-modern look. Cutting-edge fashion, clean lines, and modern art are some of features of contemporary weddings.

Reception Lounge

A trend that has friends and family excited is the reception lounge. The lounge is a separate area, away from the dance floor, where everyone can mingle, relax, and have a drink and snacks.

Food Trucks

Expect to see these four-wheeled wonders rolling to a wedding near you. Cool and convenient, guests can delight in everything from ice cream and hot dogs to grilled cheese and barbecue.

Author: Darice Britt

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